The Violin

Genny : You know… There is a thought that I cannot cease to entertain from time to time : why the violin ? Of all instruments ? So sinister, so tragic, sodesperately gloomy. You, who have an unmatched and unscattered faith in humanity..why the violin ? It didn’t fit. Not with the person I thought I knew. Not with this man I married. And yet, I have never asked you. Ever. Because I figured it was way too deep, way too dark and that it was key. And throughout the years, I had this reccuring thought that I couldn’t get rid of : how in Mafia movies, they would conceal the most dangerous weapons in violin cases.
Jon : What does it have to do with anything ?
G : (not looking at him, staring at a point above him) ..and how the word « violin » is so incredibly close to « violence » ?
J : unfortunate coincidence. What’s the big idea ?
G: I am being painfully clear, my dear : you are a liar.
J : (intrigued, but unworried) Yeah ? And can I know of what I’m accused ? These senseless play on words on etymology have something to do with my crime, I suppose ?
G : You actually never loved me. Or anyone for that matter. You are the violin, you are the one mimicking human emotions. But enough with the self-pity, enough ! You are a sick, demented bastard and you know it !!
J :(no longer reacting, half-amused) Humour me.
G : (irritated by his calm demeanour) I said it, I fucking said it already : YOU ARE A VIOLIN ! Polished, crafted, sophisticated, virtuoso, training for hours and hours to get the perfect pitch, jerking tears from the spellbound audience, but empty inside. YOU ARE AVIOLIN ! Fake, you’re fake !!!!
J : (visibly amused, pitying Genny) is that your plot-twist ? Is that your big moment of truth and revelation ? That I never really loved you ? Is that really what it was all about ? Well, look at yourself, so proud, so dramatic, such an actress, I would applaud you if I still knew how to admire you. You see, I really thought you would figure it out earlier. Actually, I thought it was a tacit agreement between the two of us. Oh, I used to love you. Do not be mistaken. Maybe not in a way that would be meaningful to you but in my own
way. Until…I found out about your true nature.
G : My true nature ? Care to elaborate ?
J : Oh no, no need to elaborate : you’re a skank.
J : Shut it…I’m not in the mood to listen to your crap right now. I have been going through it for years, years ! And now, you just set me free. So YOU listen now. You, little slut, you have been cheating on me for years. YEARS ! And you thought that I didn’t know. You thought that your dear husband was too stupid to even notice ! But you seem to forget something, Genny, something that is far from being immaterial : I’m not stupid. The only stupid thing I’ve done in my entire life was to marry your sorry ass. Oh and what an ass, by the way. Let’s talk about that ass of yours ! Your ass is the pride of our Nation and should be acknowledged as such. It is, after all, one of our most visited attraction in England.
G (livid, visibly losing her mind) : FUCKING CUNT !! HOW CAN YOU..HOW DARE YOU… ??
J : (tenderly) Language, please. We wouldn’t want to waste our time on pointless denials. Actually, since you seem to appreciate plays on words, did you notice something extremely interesting about the word « denial » ? Ah ?So ? You were quite the actress a few minutes ago, « hell hath no fury like a woman scorned » and all of this. I guess I have now got your undivided attention. You see, with the word denial, one can spell another amusing word : Daniel.
G : (appalled, her voice is barely audible) know everything…
J : Oh Genny, waking up at last ! How innocent you can look. I always wondered how such a filthy skank could look so genuine and candid .How does it feel, huh ? You thought I would just sit around. Did you genuinely think you could have charade go on for decades without me becoming suspicious ? Genny, I am offended to think that you’d have such a low
opinion of my mental abilities.
G : I can were always so far away, I was so lonely. You’ve got to understand. I was lonely…
J : yeah, yeah very touching. I apologise but I am not very partial to having my intelligence insulted once again. I do not require to have any explanation on what happened. Let alone an explanation that involve blaming me for doing my job ? …You man-hungry bitch… and don’t start blaming it on my fame, you’re being indecent. I was still a young and poor violinist when you decided that your pussy would become a public good.
J : (sobbing, enjoying her own malevolent tone) I did that because I was jealous !!!!! I HATED YOU ! Your success, your charms, your way of looking smart even when you were too
drunk to even walk straight. I hated you, I hated you for being so much more than I’ll ever be. And above all, I hated your fucking violin !!!!!! I hated it.. Its harmonious voice, its tantalising curves, I HATED IT !!!! I hated how every single pieces of it was more expensive than I’ll ever be. I hated that you gave it a female name. I hated that it was so much more valued and beautiful than me. I hated how time made it even more precious. Whereas I… I hated how it was the only thing you could ever talk about ?? you would never shut up
about it !! Whatever the topic, whatever I said, you needed to remind me that YOU were a world-renowned violinist and that I was just..I WAS JUST…
J : (grinning, amused by his own wit) playing second fiddle ?
G : (she moves threateningly towards him, obviously eager to hit him) FUCK YOU ! This is exactly what I’m talking about ! What about me ?